Tailored Business Mobile Contracts

Get the flexibility to work wherever you are on the UK's biggest networks. We'll find you the best mobile business deal, with the latest handsets, and, as always, access to our 24-hour support.

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Mobile Network Relations

We deal with the UK's top networks so that you don't have to. We'll solve any problems you have directly so you won't have to spend valuable time waiting on hold.

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Access To The Latest Handsets

Pastel offers a wide range of mobiles, tablets and accessories from all the big brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, and Huawei.

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We've had years of experience working with businesses of all sizes from across the UK, so we pride ourselves in being able to give impartial advice that is not just about the bottom line.

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Inclusive Plans, Endless Options

Pastel has a range of voice and data plans available, with free same network or inter-company calls, or free calls to landlines and inclusive international calls. We'll help you find the best plan to suit your needs.

Take Control Of Your Devices

Get all the information you need when you log in to our easy-to-use online portal. We'll get you set up to control of all your mobile devices in one place with itemised billing and usage reports.

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Telephone System Integration
Latest Handsets
Itemised Billing
Usage Reports
Dedicated Web Portal
Multiple Voice and Data Plans

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The team advised us on the very best solutions for our business and it is already proving to be a great move. The service provided has been second to none. They supported us every step of the way with their superb knowledge of the industry, thus ensuring a swift and pain free process which went without any errors. I highly recommend Pastel for anyone looking for a great provider.

Shaun Lees, Patera Engineering

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Do you need to integrate your business telephone system with your mobile devices? Let's find the best solution for all your technology needs with our full range of business services.

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