Mark Chats About His Passion for Making Connections

Our MD gains real joy from solving customers' problems; connecting people with the right technology and tools
Mark Chats About His Passion for Making Connections

Fresh out of university, working enthusiastically at my first job in sales, I discovered a genuine passion for people and technology. During my time in the industry, I often witnessed underhanded companies offering their customers the world to make a sale, with no intention of keeping their promises. I’ve seen how this approach not only damages a company’s reputation but is very shortsighted, as any long-term customer partnerships are off the table. 

Starting Pastel was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken. It meant taking a leap of faith and sacrificing a degree of stability and security, but I truly believed that a company that focused on building loyal, long-term relationships with customers would thrive. It was very important to me to make an effort to identify and solve our customers’ problems, rather than just push the products with the largest margins. The positive customer feedback we receive means the world to us and reassures us that our efforts to put people first are proving effective.

From early on, we knew that loyalty would be important when it came to our suppliers, too. After carefully choosing our core technology partners, we have stood by them. This has allowed us to grow alongside our suppliers, truly understand the products we offer, and pass that expertise on to our customers.

As Pastel grew, I wanted to find people with that same passion for making real connections, and I’m really proud of the team we’ve built. Experience has taught me I can’t be an expert in every field, and surrounding myself with people who complement my knowledge and skills has been integral to the company’s success.

I also believe it’s our responsibility as a business to give back to both our local communities and to causes that are close to our hearts. Pastel supports several charities through corporate events and donations with a special interest in autism research and assistance. We also have a large customer base in the care sector, which means we can support those who are dedicating their time to those most vulnerable in our community. I get a genuine thrill from seeing how the technology we offer makes their jobs easier and benefits the people they serve.

In the world there is often an accepted idea that ‘nice guys finish last’, but we like to challenge that notion. By prioritising loyalty, generosity and enthusiasm, we’ve seen great things happen. It’s very exciting to see Pastel where it is today and growing in so many ways. We have big things on the horizon and a lively team that is fired up to take on the work that our exponential growth is generating. I feel so privileged that this is where my journey has led me and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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