Staying Human in an AI‑Powered Business World

Can we find meaningful ways to harness AI technology without losing a genuine sense of connection in business relationships?
Staying Human in an AI‑Powered Business World

We rely on certain technologies to do business. Take the internet. Whether you contact your customers, suppliers and coworkers via voice calls, mobile devices, or computer-based means, a connection to the internet is essential to almost all businesses. And as connectivity has evolved from the painfully slow dial-up modems of the ‘90s to the superfast internet we use today, so has our reliance on this technology. 

With that in mind, do the colossal leaps forward in artificial intelligence mean we’ll be unable to work without it sooner than we think? And how does a boom in the adoption of AI technology affect making real, empathetic connections in business? 

AI is developing at a mind-bending pace, with many experts seeing the current iteration as only a tiny sliver of the technology’s potential. AI Expert and CEO of Sinovation Ventures says: “I believe AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of humanity. More than electricity.” In line with this, many businesses are finding meaningful ways to harness AI to improve their sales and productivity: automating mundane tasks, gaining insights into data, and personalising marketing campaigns.

Having a foot in both the technology and communication sectors, the team at Pastel is thinking deeply about how to make the best use of AI. We have to stay on the leading edge of innovation, not just to benefit our own business, but to be in a position to offer our customers sound advice, too. At the same time, we want to do this with a conscience, being aware of the technology’s potential to disrupt industries and affect the livelihoods of people dependent on them. No one wants to be left behind, but we want to heed history’s cautionary tales when rushing to use the latest tech before we’ve examined its potential outcomes.

Another of Pastel’s concerns is how to implement AI-powered customer service tools. Making genuine connections with our customers and solving their problems has always been at the heart of how we do business. We also understand the frustration created by telephone voice prompts that lead nowhere or unhelpful chatbots that can’t answer any question that goes off script. Yes, we want to boost the productivity of our customer service team, but we want to do this while making sure we don’t alienate customers who chose Pastel because of their personal touch.

We’ve all been amazed and excited by what AI can achieve, but we want to be cautious before diving in head first. We know these concerns are not unique to Pastel, so how do you see your business surviving and thriving in an AI-driven future? And do you feel you’ll still be able to provide customers with a first-class user experience with AI-powered interactions?

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